Gullah: Prisoner of Land Developers
I8 x 24-inch oil on panel
Painted with My Graham Oil Paints and Natural Citrus Solvent
© 2024 Daryl Urig

Some stories are simply tragic. She battled all her life, as if destiny had it out for her. Painting every muscle and bone, I could sense the complexity of her journey. The features spoke volumes. Some individuals, even land developers, covet what isn’t rightfully theirs. Farewell, Josephine Wright. Though we never truly crossed paths, you possessed the grace to endure… Allow me to expound on the painting’s symbolism and the intricate narrative it portrays: Her scars and visible fractures depict the hardships she endured. The orange fence represents Josephine’s confinement. The withered plant in the foreground symbolizes her passing. The hand grasping the post signifies her triumphant spirit, akin to Moses leading his followers through the Red Sea. Finally, the yellow flower represents hope and the cycle of life arising from the ashes of death.