The news tells us of religious wars without humanity. I just do not get it. Children are hurt by these non-thinking human acts.

I would ask everyone to get down on the floor and play with a one to three-year-old child of any sex. If you do not at once feel the effect of their brilliance in life. The innocence we see in them could not be compared to the dullness of an educated mind. We need what youth shows us as the true existence of life. We need to see life through the child’s eye. Seeing war as deadly to the universal child of any race.

It is only after time we try to instill in our children the things that did not work out very well for ourselves. Turning them against their true nature and confusing them about life as we ourselves have been. Why did we not learn from them instead in this beautiful life-filled state that may have caused to change us instead. In the case of existence, a child and adult are so close in age, almost unrecognizable. Let us learn from life, not hatred, greed, governess, and anger or I need my way.

I hear people say to be a good example, but no one seems to want to do this.

Let us promote empathy and compassion in society for a more harmonious and peaceful world.