Back Yard Plein Air Painter & Backyard Art

When I was writing my first book, Plien Air Painting for Everyone I wanted a catchy title that explained the book. It was a book on outdoor painting including set-up, supplies and follow along painting process for developing a painting. I found out that one of my favorite Plein Air Painters, Cezanne painted in his own backyard. They even called it Cezanne’s mountain since he painted it so often.

That appealed to me and for a while I entertained calling my book Backyard Plein Air Painting. My thought process is simple in the book. You did not need to travel far. Only out your back door to catch great light and paint outdoors. It is a great place to learn and has close to home conveniences.

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Recently one of my tennis buddies told me he was non-creative and could not even draw a smiley face. Then tells me he can draw with his lawnmower in his backyard. Please see his backyard outdoor art.

Though we may not have any aliens trying to find a landing spot on earth he has informed me that he can cut a smiley face in his backyard.

If you have not tried outdoor painting please give it a whirl in your backyard. Cezanne will smile on you. If not start your mower, jump out of the box like Robert Dannemiller, let your hair down, your yard grow long and cut a smiley face, it may be a start of something big.

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