Canal Days – Metamora Indiana

Canal Days, 16 x 20 inches, oil on panel,

The location is Metamora Indiana. It is an 1800’s canal town. It has canal days the first weekend of October, you would think you are in the 1800’s.

You can see how the painting evolved by reviewing the images below. I used a cement trowel which is quite large and rigid from Home Depot. It helped me to keep the overall detail of the painting more minimal and bold. Finalizing the detail with a smaller painting knife for the man and horse. It was important to me to keep them painted in a gestural style verses over detailing them. This is the first time I used two knife sizes.

See Metamora Indiana Workshop Schedule:

Color study and rough drawing, canal day by @darylurig

It is always fun to start into the painting. Establishing a criteria then begin to see it unfold. by @darylurig

To this point I have been experimenting by painting with a cement growl, see pictured in bottom right by @darylurig

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