Comparing Two Paintings “Get Away” to “Back Staircase”

Get Away, 18 x 24, oil on panel

The painting above, “Get Away” has some of the same intrigue as a painting I painted about a year ago, below, but with some notable differences. With “Get Away” besides the more illuminating color there is a decidedly difference in edge treatment. Using the softer edges or lost edges against a very dominant hard edge. Both paintings have a lot of energy with the paint handling being applied with a painting knife. The white on white of the car against the background is a lot of fun. Similarly the painting “Back Staircase” has that also, but with the use of the wood structure against the back wall. I was not aware until my gallery director Robert Little brought it to my attention just how linear my designs are. Design is crucial, it leads the viewer’s eye. Both Paintings are on display and available in my Cincinnati Gallery, Daryl Urig’s Creative Underground. Gallery hours are 11 am till 7 pm on Thursday and by appointment.

Back Staircase, 18 x 24, oil on panel

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