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It’s hard to paint things to which you have an emotional attachment. Grob Farm is one of those things: Not only does it have historical importance, but my father, grandfather and three generations before were all farmers in Avon, OH. Going to and painting Grob Farm bring back many fond memories, especially since it’s a working farm that still uses a horse to plow its fields.

The trees and lighting were important to my images, as they demonstrated my protectiveness of the Farm. Even though Grob Farm is old, the long-standing trees screamed strength.

I painted the shadows and fence abstractly to focus the viewers’ attention on the farm buildings. I was also hoping these abstract depictions would draw the viewers into the composition, suggesting something better lurks on the other side of the fence.

My goal for this piece was to approach the Farm as Paul Cezanne approached his mountain. Like Cezanne, I painted plein air, provided my own interpretation of the images and used lights and darks to whimsically suggest form.

As a side note, thank you to the nice people that stopped to talk with me while I painted this location. It was fun to hear their comments and thoughts about the farm!

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