Docked Clam and Shrimp Boat

This painting gave me great enjoyment, as I painted from reference back in the studio. I really enjoy the subject matter having grown up  in Avon Lake Ohio, one block from the water of Lake Erie. Lake Erie was an ocean to me, that large body of water with huge waves, a body of water that you could not see across to the other side, this was my ocean growing up. So now when I travel and see docks, boats and beaches it brings back all types of experiences and images for me to draw from and express in my paintings.

Looking at reference and photos and remembering what I had seen and the experience I felt are quite different things. I went for more of my experience, and the way the light glared off the surface of the water. I have always enjoyed that so, it is an inexpressible warm feeling.

Unifying the shadow area, gave the painting a lot of strength.  The color was heightened slightly to provide more space. Lights and darks where altered to more dramatize space. The use of thin and thick paint was used to add more interest and variety to areas that would seem plainer if handled otherwise.

It is interesting how the color on the land side, which was covered with shells and the colors in the water become very close, not like a hard edge or line.

The detailing of the shrimper boat contrast the greyed shapes in the boat. Though te greyed boat has the darker dark bringing it forward in the space. The grayed area seems to heighten the glare feeling you feel off of the water, leaving the whole top right section of the painting in strong white light.

Lots of paintings that go wrong, have help me to create better paintings in my future paintings. Painting is such an experienced art, that you can only develop by doing more paintings. Unsatisfactory paintings help me to see what not to do, and what to do differently in my future paintings. It seems I am a slow learner, and it takes me many years and many paintings to learn what makes a good painting.

As an instructor I am knowledgeable enough to understand and communicate this to my students. I wish I had the same kind of instruction earlier on; it would have helped my painting greatly.


20 x 16 inches tall, oil on canvas panel
Painted with walnut oil, alla prima, using brush and painting knives
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© 2012 Daryl Urig

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  1. Hi Daryl,

    I’m a resident of Deerfield Retirement community, and also Program chair for Oct.2012 to Oct.2013 art workshops and classes.
    Please call me about a workshop.

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