Leisure Painter, December 2014 article by Daryl Urig – Figure Work

Rhythm and Motion on Beach, oil on panel, 24x55in. (140x61cm). This is a purely gestural painting, focusing on movement. In figure painting the more elusive your subject is, the better. A side view or even a back view is welcome; the face is not the target.

I was very pleased when Leisure Painter Magazine picked up my article on “Figure Work” that discusses a few different approaches in capturing a figure in paint. Included are outdoor painting studies. It is a very open minded magazine that provides a range of concepts for the painter.

The magazine was recommended to me by one of my students and I have had the pleasure of writing three articles for them in 2014. Thank you.

It is referenced as the UK’s best-selling learn-to-paint magazine.

Leisure Painter December 2014

Please pick up a copy or purchase one online to read the story here:


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