Not far from the path, but on a Journey

Going to the art museum was comforting. Seeing that other artists struggle with the same things I do let’s me know that I may not be that far off.  Some solutions in paint where successful others where not, or how I would not do them. There is nothing perfect in art though we strive for perfection.

What I noticed helped me to figure out that even accomplished painters have developmental paintings, like I do. In fact all are development paintings, learning paintings. A painting that moves us forward. Paintings where not every stroke is refined and purposeful. Even what many would call noticeable mistakes or errors in their drawing and or painting. But isn’t this what a painting is? A developmental journey and working out problems or refinement of a skill? Moving forward with each new canvas I paint. Hopefully, slowly gaining confidence.

This experience somehow spoke to me that I am not that far off. I am on the right path, even with my own awkward mistakes or inabilities and frustration of always trying to do better or giving more.
Painting Knives:

© 2011 Daryl Urig

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