Painting the artists’ first glimpse

We all know that when you get back to our studio and look at the photo we shot that so much is lost or missing from what originally inspired us from a scene. A photo, even from a good digital camera cannot capture all of the color and for sure not the impression you received in your eyes and spirit at first glance.

So when I get back to my studio and look at my photo reference I am careful in how I am able to enhance the image in PhotoShop. I make a print out to refer to, I have seen some paint from their computer monitor but this does not work for me. Then I start painting. I am looking at reference photos, but am painting from my memories and inspiration from the event when I took the photos. I can feel the original glimpse I captured in my spirit, with abstract colors, movement of shapes and impression of light in the scene. This is what inspired me in the first place to paint this painting. This is what I need to paint.

© 2011 Daryl Urig, All Rights Reserved

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