Self evaluation, the life and pain of being an artist #1

Don’t let your anxieties about certain parts of painting steer you away from what you can do.

Change, fears, frustrations to accomplish what I want to accomplish are all the things that hamper me from moving forward. Sometimes I steer away from a direction because I see the frustration or my inability before me.

But what I have not been able to see is that my abilities have changed and improved. Things that once where hard for me to do are now so much easier. Things that used to frustrate me are easily accomplish-able or I may not even want to do them now.

What I chose to do last year and will continue to do is study and develop in the areas of my weaknesses. For example I studied anatomy hard and long. I have been working on painting techniques of the masters. Better trying to comprehend what the Impressionist painters where against and what was their backgrounds in classical painting and how this developed into Impressionism. To ignore self-teaching, experimenting with different mediums or approaches or study, or learning can hand cuff us from what we want to do.

I want to take off anything that will encumber me from accomplishing all that I can achieve.

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