Man and the Sea, Pareidolia Painting

Man and the Sea, 30 x 24 in., mixed media & oil on panel

There is so much coming at us each day. When you look do really see what is before you or just what you want to see. What you think is there and move on. I am hoping my Pareidolia Paintings help you to understand that there is much much more than we initially observe. Look deeper and allow your mind to assemble many hidden images, large and small.

A trip to the sea may be pleasant or unravel all of your hidden fears and horror to find your heart pounding, mind racing while feeling all alone. It is only you who can change your fate. Maneuver your destiny or at least give it a better shot. If you’re just following along you will be lost, even left behind. Stop just existing. Do something.


2 thoughts on “Man and the Sea, Pareidolia Painting”

  1. That looks a little like the plein air scene you painted from behind Hudson’s seafood. Did you rework the original or start over?

  2. Thank you for noticing Bob. The painting is based on the one day you and I plein air painted at Hudson’s and a return visit with a model. I found the painting was missing the human element. On close observation you can see the Pareidolia.

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