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I sometimes wonder what we, as artists, can do to breathe life into our oil paintings. We can always add colors, change textures, or alter our brushstrokes. But I find that even doing all of this is not enough. To make our paintings remarkable, we must look past our sociological ideals and morals to create our own artistic reality.

These ideals block us from seeing the world in a fresh light. These social mores tell us how to look, perceive, understand and communicate. They also allow us to coexist on Earth, providing us with the means to communicate with each other.

Unfortunately, these mores counter the artist’s goal to create and experience something new. To be a true artist, we must look beyond our social mores and invent new ideological associations. These will alter both the artist’s and viewer’s reality.

When a true artist creates a piece, a painting becomes a discovery and conversation, carried out in a language of color, spirits and oil.

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American Oil Painter Daryl Urig is a member of The Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America and Cincinnati Art Club. He has taught at the University of Cincinnati for over 8 years and is president of Total Media Source Inc.

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