“Why Am I Broke”, by DJ Urig

I am very excited about the information in this illustrated children’s book. This is too important and valuable for kids growing up today do not have this. It can not be hidden any longer so I am publishing this book. Why miss out on life? It was never shared with me in High School or even College and your kids are probably not getting it either. It possibly passed you by as well. You may be wondering, “Why Am I Broke”!     Google Preview of Book

Why Am Broke, Book by DJ Urig
Why Am Broke, Book by DJ Urig

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“Recommended for children in grades 4 through High School, adults benefit from these time tested principles as well.”

Why Am I Broke
Why Am I Broke

This book will help kids understand basic principles and the possibility to obtain a financially stable future.

No matter what profession or direction a child may choose for their life, money is the one thing that we all have in common.
Having it or not having it can be a very powerful force in life.

My hopes are that the illustrations in this book will help kids gain a sound money management perspective. It is up to the individual choices, plan, discipline and follows through beginning at an early age that will help decide the outcome.  Google Preview of Book

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Book Signings & Reading Engagements!
We are looking for parents with young children. A good starting age is 11 or 14 years of age and above and all children and parents are welcome.

The choice of illustration in this book was chosen to give kids of all ages an enjoyable opportunity to respond and learn. Illustrations by D.J. Urig

Author, Financial Services, Daryl Urig

About the Author
Daryl Urig is an accomplished Author and works in Financial Services. Considered by his colleagues to be a “Renaissance Man”. He has taught as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati for over ten years and Academic Coordinator of a 4-year program he created. His teaching style is unique and penetrating. He enjoys teaching and helping bring children (the future) to the next level of financial thinking in hopes to improve their opportunity for a bigger slice of life.

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