I started writing this book after my open heart surgery last year. Horrible experience I hope none of you ever have to go through. After this, I read my doctor’s book called “Your Heart Manual” about heart health and some surprising finds that he uncovers in his research. From countless researches all over the world, they are saying, sex can help your heart.

Check with your doctor first. Then read my book. My book was written to encourage heart health with an understanding of how pleasure can motivate us to doing positive things for ourselves. Putting research findings in a fun picture for all to enjoy. Including other fun ideas I have found along like yoga, meditation, friends, eating, forgiveness and just learning the best thing to say sometimes is ” I do not know”. Please enjoy this fun pleasurable book

Like kids, we still do not like someone telling us what to do. We are not even sure doing healthy acts will work for us. I understand. This book is intended to make being healthier fun, your choice for life, enjoyable, even pleasurable as you develop a passion for healthy living. You could even say, “loving your self back to health”. A simpler, less encumbered life of doing what is important for you as an individual. You are in charge of your life.