“Safety First” is My Motto in Painting and in Life

M. Graham Oil Paints
There are no reasons to paint with toxic oil paints or thinners. That is why years ago I started painting with M. Graham Oil Paints which uses walnut oil (a vegetable oil) to paint with and even clean your brushes with. The Old Masters did use this, and we can do this also.

I can affect my physical health by a few good choices. Exercise, eat more vegetables and fewer animal products, and have good ventilation in your home or studio.

Students have told me how liberating these paints are for them. No more odors and headaches or migraines from the mediums and brush cleaners they used to choose. The walnut oil paint pigments are the easiest colors to mix and use.

Until now I have not found a healthy alternative to paint thinners that have either turpentine or mineral spirits in that rot your internal organs.

Healthy Alternative to Paint Thinners
I have found and experimented with this product that gives me beautiful washes and even easy cleaning of paint brushes. It is made with 98% Orange Peel and 2% water. Safe enough to drink and smells like oranges. The painting below is my first attempt with the Citrus Solvent from the Real Milk Paint and some overpainting with M. Graham walnut oil paint and glazing. Unlike paint thinner, Citrus Solvent does not cause damage to the internal organs of the body when breathed in.

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My Red Blanket w

©Daryl Urig
My Red Blanket
18 x 24 inches
Painted with M. Graham Oil Paints
& Real Milk Paint Citrus Solvent