Iconic images can say so much in a flash. Working with resemblances can help bring up amazing new imagery. Used very well in Pop Art, art is for the imagination, the dreamer, and the inventor. If the art will only attempt to represent everything as it is, what fun would that be?

A fun painting for me is something you can hang on your wall and enjoy for a lifetime. Every time you come back for a visit, it has something new to offer you. Or maybe it is the ever-changing you, interacting with the life of the painting?

A painting may not need to offer everything to you in your first encounter. More like a good book, it should unfold as the story develops.

I have pondered the comparison of live music to a painting. For me, a painting’s life will never die. It keeps on producing like an animation every time it is encountered. Speaking new truth on each new visitor’s return.

“See ya real soon”