sc fall 2012a w

I enjoy plein air painting more each day. I had the privilege of painting in South Carolina. In Bluffton, Spring Island and the Spring Islands Tabby Ruins. The water and the climate make it a very enjoyable location to paint the field studies I am showing below.

One day the No-see-ums, I tiny bug with huge teeth got to me and helped me hurry one sketch, but besides that it was a refreshing experience. Leaving in just a few days, then returning to the region in January.

Below are 9 x 12 inch plein air field studies completed in about one hour each with a painting knife to capture light before it significantly changed. Changing light is one of the challenges a plein air painter experiences.

sc fall 2012b w

sc fall 2012c w

sc fall 2012d w

sc fall 2012e w

sc fall 2012f w

sc fall 2012g w

sc fall 2012h w

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