Sucked in. Better yet, don’t get sucked in.

In life, there are so many traps to fall into. What may not be a trap for someone else, can be a trap for you. They start out slow, one thread at a time, before you know it you have created an entire network of webs around you. A keenly fashioned spiderweb and you are the author.


Some see it in marriage. I will do what my parents did, find a spouse, find a house, add a pool, you ____. Kids, before you know it, now you cannot afford your lifestyle. Remember it was all your choices. You wanted to be like the Joneses. Now you cannot keep up with them. What now?


You Join a church get involved and find out there are so many hypocrites. Not a total loss, you did learn how to judge others and make your self feel superior. You go to a retreat looking for God. I thought God was everywhere. Did he get lost? Did someone steal him? How come you cannot find him? Maybe looking in the wrong place?


Go to college, pay handsomely, on a promise someone has made. Graduate and no one will hire you. There are no jobs in your field. Tell me why do colleges do this? You still owe the bill for college. Wait, you thought if you go to college, you would get a job and pay off the debt. Crazy you.

The More

So many things to get sucked into. Do not be dismayed. There is still something real out there. Your heart has been hungering for it all your life. The more. You know there has to be something more. Everything inside you tells you this. There must be more.

Stop getting sucked in.