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Seeing Above the Tree Tops – 11 x 14 inches, Oil on Canvas

Sometimes we need to take a step back and examine the bigger picture. Today must have been one of those times! Completing this plein air painting, I captured a fuller image than I usually do. I decided to paint the large tree and bench into the piece to provide a place for the viewer to sit down and experience the image with me.

7 26 10 ohio river eden park lg

Painting the Ohio River from Eden Park with my Son – 10 x 20 inches, Oil on Canvas

It was an overcast, foggy day, as I gazed at Kentucky over the Ohio River. My son had finished running with his school and decided to paint with me. We had a multitude of onlookers intrigued by our work, and I really enjoyed his company, as we hadn’t painted together since he was young.

With this piece, like my last one, I wanted each brush stroke to count, in order to capture the beauty of the scene. I think the painting spoke best when it was next to the river, wet on the easel, as it looked like part of the scene. However, some lucky passersby were able to experience the painting in this perfect setting, and the image evoked the same joy in them as it did me, which left me satisfied.

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