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Sedona Art Center Workshop

Play and Explore Art with Daryl Urig, March 1 – 3, 2022 (Tuesday – Thursday)


Barbara Harris, Providence, RI (Chatham, Cape Cod, MA)

“Daryl, Thank you for a terrific workshop. I learned a lot and enjoyed each day with all the painters. You have a very nice way about you and generously share what you know giving good tips as well as a good life philosophy. Thanks again. Hope to catch you when you come back this way.”

Jeannie Fortin, Kudzu Art Zone, Norcross GA

“Daryl Urig has an easy style that communicates sound principles with creative enthusiasm. He tries to understand the students’ individual learning and shows ways they may cultivate it.”

Joan Hartwig, New Smyrna Florida

“Your sense of humor includes the acceptance of me as an intellectual equal.”

Deb Ward, Membership Chair and President (Elect), Cincinnati Watercolor Society, OH

 “Very much enjoyed your portrait demo for the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society. You employed very effective educational tools throughout the program and explained yourself well. Your patience and kindness during the critique session were much appreciated. Good job!”

Betsy Bodine, TX

“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward you. You have made a huge impression on my mom and her life would not have been the same without this Maynard Dixon Workshop and the time spent with you in the desert. She feels vital and appreciated and is inspired to start painting again, thanks to you. This was the best present for me—seeing her happy!!”

Carole Lintner, OR

“I have taken many workshops – this was the best. I learned so much – I can be an artist after all.”

Pati Pierce

“This workshop is informative, challenging, and encouraging. I left the workshop encouraged and motivated to keep picking up that brush & painting knife, with the desire to continue to push myself and grow as an artist. That is priceless! Thanks Daryl!”  

Pepi Monair, Bluffton SC

“Daryl’s workshop was very informative and fun. I enjoyed watching his painting demonstration and learned new techniques with painting knives.”

Lu Anna Klote

“Daryl has a nice, gentle way to make excellent constructive suggestions to improve your painting. I had never used the approaches he has taught and what a difference they make.”  

When painting I enjoy the rich color and texture of the painting knife contrasting the hard to soft edges of the paintbrush. I love experimenting with different expressions of the natural paint medium. A common drip, dry brush marks to the fluid lush marks of a paintingknife. Each mark begins to tell a story like words in a paragraph. 

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Lets Change the World together with Beautiful Art

Kiss of life

Kiss of life, 24 in. X 30, oil on panel That which is beautifull in life is all one. Coexisting, creating an exuberance in life that can not be explained. Flowers, nude woman, butterfly... a sweet kiss Kiss of life All these things are...

Book: Heart Healthy Sex Life

Purchase Here, Click10% OFF till September 4th, Use Coupon Code CREATIVE10 I started writing this book after my open heart surgery last year. Horrible experience I hope none of you ever have to go through. After this, I read my doctor's book called "Your Heart Manual"...


24 x 30 in. oil on panel Pareidolia revisited. It is fun to incorporate many ideas into one painting. My love for the seen and unseen may bring ideas to the viewer's attention. Landscape hillsides with amazing cloud formations that my grandchild and I had loads of fun...

COVID 19: Look Up

We are part of everything in the universe If you can take a moment to visualize with me that we are all part of our universe. The moon affects the tides, even a woman's menstrual cycle is in line with the moon's orbit. There is so much happening that is aligning us,...

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