We are part of everything in the universe

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If you can take a moment to visualize with me that we are all part of our universe. The moon affects the tides, even a woman’s menstrual cycle is in line with the moon’s orbit. There is so much happening that is aligning us, or better, that we are all apart of.

Somehow through the decades, we have moved from unity to think we are superior and conqueror. Each man accumulating wealth for the sole purpose to say he is better than his neighbor. How sad. Think back to the little we know of living in unity, being aware of what is around us, we may recollect that seamen used to navigate by the stars, could tell the weather by the color of the sky in the morning versus what that color means in the evening.

Now we use our cell phone and weather is most times inaccurate. For myself, I would rather stand outside and decide for myself by the look of the sky and feel of the air.

I sense this COVID 19 virus is changing the way we will look at things going forward. We do not feel so all-powerful now. Some may even be living in fear. I hope we can remember this feeling of inadequacy going forward in how we treat this planet and other individuals around us. Hopefully with respect for everything, like a privilege and miracle to live and experience life daily. Ther is never a guarantee that tomorrow will come for any of us.

So how will you choose to live your life? Death is not for just the other guy. Today it is for everyone. We realize this. The cycle of life is birth, death, go back to the planet from which we came. The food we eat is from the planet. It does not run through us like a machine, but each thing we absorb becomes part of us for good health or bad. We keep adding it to ourselves in small quantities or large. Look around you. I could lose a few pounds myself.

The painting is my vision of how everything is important and working together. The sun and moon never have a bad day and miss their perfect orbit. In fact, all planets work together in the universe never hitting one another. I some times cannot walk across the kitchen without knocking over an object or spilling a liquid.

You may notice the houses have no doors. We are contained and living in our houses, isolated from one another. My feeling is we need to learn to work together. The way we live affects everyone around us. This has always been true. Now more apparent than ever. Do you agree? What else do you see? Please share.