It was on my last visit to Bluffton South Carolina that I met Annelore Harrell while I was painting a painting on the May River. She commented on my painting and offered some suggestions on other places that may interest me. On my next visit, I took up her offer to show me these locations.

She was such a delight and helped me to unravel the picturesque mystery of the historic Bluffton SC area in a rather short amount of time. I was unaware that there was an area referred to as Old Bluffton and that Myrtle Island was part of this area, developed as early as the 1940’s. So many picture and painting possibilities, but you need to know where to look.

Additionally, I want to thank all of the gracious people I have met through my workshop in Bluffton SC, through SOBA (Society of Bluffton Artists), I can not thank you all for how kind you have been.

Look to see some of these paintings in future posts.

My next workshop:

Nov 19 & 20, 2011 – 2 Day Workshop
Day One: Plein-Air Figure at Penn Center (Historic Gullah Setting)
Day Two: Seascape Plein-Air Painting
Red Piano Too
, 870 Sea Island Parkway, St. Helena Island, SC


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Information on Workshops & Locations
YouTube Video:
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  1. annelore

    always a delight to introduce someone to the Bluffton we love…………you only got a glimpse of the many faces the Maye River offers………… hope it inspired……………….

  2. admin

    Absolutely, I am inspired. I will post some soon and working on others currently.

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