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We have heard these words many times. They stir up patriotic sentiments whenever I hear them.

But today, most American goods come from overseas (whether from international or American companies). Obviously, it’s easier to produce a large number of manufactured goods abroad. But I can’t help but think how detrimental America’s mass importation has become.

I think about jobs going overseas, and the impact it has on American employment. It seems unfair that work Americans could enjoy in the states to support their families is going elsewhere.

Unlike unemployed Americans, I find myself very lucky. I enjoy the things I have, and I appreciate my ability to paint things that conjure up old childhood memories. I like that my painting cannot be controlled by the flailing economy. And I like to provide collectors with something personal and American made with my own hands. I hope that all of my readers can find something similar!

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American Oil Painter Daryl Urig is a member of The Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America and Cincinnati Art Club. He has teaches at the University of Cincinnati for over 9 years and is president of Total Media Source Inc.

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