Painting from the emotional passionate center.

I have lost total control of my paintings. I start out on one idea and end way out on another. Please let me explain. My thoughts transpired from the red rocks of Sedona to Man or human beings.

Recently my wife and I went to Sedona Arizona. Amazing, inspiring red rocks that majestically jump out of the ground, affecting even the air you breathe. Some images you just need to experience for yourself, no painting or picture will ever suffice. Though I wanted to try.

Arizona Sedona w
Sedona Arizona

Once I had my plan and vision, that changed many times as I painted and explored the image. At one point I became overwhelmed by the paint itself and the marks it made. The paint is so beautiful. Art talking from the emotional passionate center.


Then all of a sudden I came back to this image I had seen in my dreams many times recently. My canvas quickly changed from horizontal to vertical, then 180-degree turn to the other vertical. The dream image firmly planted in my mind of a man representing all mankind, having a block-shaped head. I knew what it meant in my dreams. I could see almost all the colors and positions of each paint stroke, down to the stripes on the person.


I saw that every person’s thoughts and memories created their own world. Not everyone had the same experiences, so each had a different perspective on existence. These thoughts kept us from experiencing life, as it really is, the naked, unencumbered truth about life. Each person on earth was instead imprisoned in his or her separate universe of personal thought. Colliding with others blockheads of what they took as true life, which it isn’t, It is only their personal entanglement with the thoughts they beat themselves up with each day. Past experiences, misinterpretations or what they told themselves so that they could keep on, keeping on, no matter how inaccurate. We can believe anything we tell ourselves. We many times are the worst liars to ourselves and even worse; we believe our own lies completely. This is no way to live. We must free ourselves from these past thoughts.

There must be something that can unite us. Allowing us to appreciate this great experience and privilege called life. All Man living on the same page, united.

Any ideas? I have some. What are you open to give up to gain everything?

So did the Beatles, “Come Together”