My first NFT. Just released. It makes sense to me. Now well into the digital age with CryptoCurrency. Where digital has as much or more value as our US dollar. Digital flat displays that can now display artwork pleasingly. Artwork may be resold or traded easily because of its digital format and ETH being the currency choice.

As the artist I can marry the digital painting along with my organic painting, I love it. Being my first NTF designated as #1 will ensure its value, I am positive to say.

You may bid on my first NFT by clicking on the link below

Thank for all the kind people that have given me a gentle push in this direction. I may be forever grateful. DJU

What others are saying:

This is the first Organic and Digital Painting of Daryl Urig, noted fine arts painter at Why this is original, and notable is because it is a combination of an organic original oil painting created in the real tangible world. Set in a digitally created world. Then painted digitally and virtually, using many different digital software’s. He captures his own space by defining himself first as an “Organic Digital Painter”.

The signature is a digital icon you may notice as a red circle with the artist’s initials displayed. Innovative to the world of NTFs.

Furthermore, the Digital Title for the piece is a digital hieroglyphic of the artist’s creation: artist’s initials, digital size of 9 Megabytes or Megs of digital storage units, the content title of Woman, and his first NTF designated as #1, seen here in the title of the organic digital painting as: DJU-9MG-Woman#1


What is a NFT? A non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded.