Pelicans Perch is based on a number of experiences and field study paintings and sketches I have had here in the Carolina. Below is the final 24 x 48 inch wide oil on panel painting painted with exclusively painting knives. Plein air field studies and sketches below that.

You have to enjoy the climate, color of the light in the morning and picturesque mood here. There is almost a painting in any direction you look. As the artist we need only to put it together.

pelicans perch 11 02 12 w

Pelicans Perch, 24 x 48, oil on panel

pelicans flying sketch 11 02 12 w

Pelicans flying sketch

pelican perched 11 02 12 w

Pelican Perched, 9 x 12

sc fall 2012c w

Field Study: Low country marsh, 9 x 12

sc fall 2012e w

Field Study: Bluffton Oyster Factory, 9 x 12

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