To those who read my blog, I’m a painter, teacher, business owner, husband and father. But to those who know me best, I’m also a tennis player. I started playing tennis during the summer of seventh grade because I wanted to get some exercise. And I continued playing because I really enjoy it. To this day, I still play regularly. Consequently, my tennis team recently won both the Men’s 3.5 USTA local Districts then State championships.

Front Left: Manuel Lopez, Paul Breidenbach, Daryl Urig, Jim Graff
Back Left: Pete Zink, Bob Ell, Matt Johnson, Guy Belew, Dane Houston

2010 mens usta state champs

Now most readers will ask why am I writing about tennis on my painting blog, as these things seem mutually exclusive? For me, the answer is simple: just like painting, tennis is its own art form.

To those who play tennis, they know that it is a game of both physical and mental ability. Some people argue that it’s 95% mental. To artists, they know that creating art constantly tests your mental abilities. Tennis and art require imagination. Both interests require the creation of strokes, shots and strategy.

But a more interesting way to look at these two activities is that both of them allow a person to achieve and to gain notice. Everyone, whether athlete or artist, values appreciation. Artists gain notice and adoration through fandom and their peers; much like tennis players do. I think it’s more important to value art than tennis, as artists illuminate deeper meanings in everyday life through their entertainment while tennis players simply regale.

The non-verbal cues expressed through tennis and art encourage the audience, players and artists to use their imaginations. Without enjoyable activities such as these, people would be stifled by a lack of creativity in their surroundings.

A further note: One of my more favorite painters, John Singer Sargent also played tennis. You can read more about his painting, Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose and tennis here.

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