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The Business of “The Paintings of Daryl Urig”, an American Oil Painter

–       My current focus is on contemporary western paintings.

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The Business of “The Paintings of Daryl Urig”, an American Oil Painter

As a youth it was never a choice for me to choose an occupation. I always knew I wanted to be an artist. What kind and how I would fit in, was my life journey to discover. Everything was art to me, that was all I thought about. In grade school, my spelling tests had drawings all over them. I think people saw early on that this was my passion, and I had my Mom in my corner to encourage me. Well mostly, until 4th grade when an art school showed up at our door that I had contacted. She did send them away. I remember challenging my 5th-grade art teacher to give more and she came back the next week with perspective drawing.

It was my struggle and my burden, I had to speak up and persevere. Everything was frustrating and difficult for me. MC Escher drawings confused me and Pablo Picasso’s cubism I could not understand till much later in life. I was determined, guess that is what I had. Art classes in high school and Art school for college, after that, is when the real learning started. Everything I needed or had to learn or understand was on me. Books, and videos on everything from drawing the human figure, to more perspective, color, aesthetics, and design I knew I needed more, and this was not going to be a quick trip, it would end up taking most of my life to feel I had something to call my own. Develop my own voice and look, something that would come out of years of experimenting.

Every job I took was in art. Not the best-paying jobs, but at least I was in my field. I would try to see in each job what I was learning there to increase my understanding of art. This gave me some comfort that I was not wasting time and adding to my cause while paying bills.

There was not anything I would not learn if it would help me. Ranging from computers, and technology, creating a 4-year digital art program at the University of Cincinnati, teaching, package design for Procter and Gamble, a Financial Advisor, writing 5 books so far, and teaching a National Workshop Tour on painting with a painting knife. I have a workshop in Sedona Arizona this Memorial Day weekend at Sedona Art Center, please click the link. I also use healthy oil paints; M. Graham Oil Paints, this seems to fit well with me and our current culture. Please see an article on my blog. Click link.

Anything I was weak in, I had to overcome and learn and accomplish and basically, teach myself. This was my life and I had to make it happen. Just did not know it would take this long.

The creative field is not an easy one. You must believe in yourself even when others try to push you off your path. I struggled to find a good selling niche and believe I have found it now along with what I love to do. Paint the figure in a landscape. My current Wild, Wild, West oil paintings are making me happy and selling, a nice combination. I love what I do. You just need to keep looking until you find what you need. Challenge is what makes life so rich and appreciated. It is the real thing. They do not teach you this in school. It is the life school we must learn from and gel with.

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I hope this helps you in at least a small way and look forward to hearing from you.

Daryl Urig

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