I can build up a lot of paint on my paint palette and never need to clean it off more than once in an entire painting. Sometimes I enjoy seeing the paint colors mixed and may want to compare new mixtures to old mixtures to see how they work together. There are a few times when enough is enough and I need to make room for more paint and mix new color pools of paint. It is time to clean off the palette with a paint scraper.

My palette is a piece of glass, sprayed with black paint on the back of the glass. My eyes see color more readily on black. So I am mixing colors on black versus, white or a wood palette. It is easy to scrape off most of the paint on glass with a razor scraper. I chose the Stanley window scraper, which is under $5 dollars, and does the job nicely. Then I will use a baby wipe to clean any remaining paint residue.

Now I am ready to squeeze out more M. Graham oil paint onto my clean glass palette. I like M. Graham Oil Paints for two reasons. They seem healthier made with Walnut Oil and work nicely with a painting knife I enjoy