The Challenges of Right and Wrong

Daryl Urig ©2023
9 x 12 inches
M. Graham oil paint on panel

I would guess that most of us are not understanding the world presently. The world that we live in is changing, what we once thought of as right is now wrong and the reverse is also true. We are raised with a culture of values and sometimes we feel some seem unfair. Others go unnoticed and we just breathe it all in unconsciously.


Challenges are good in my opinion, because they allow us to take a good look at ourselves and reconsider what we think about things as we take this outward look at life. There are many we have been asked to look at in the last few years. I will just example a few to provide some clarity. The pulling down of some statues that were offensive to some. If you are white, you are asked to look and see if some of your thoughts are from a perspective of privilege. Black lives matter. All lives matter, including black lives. Native American’s lives matter, though at one time we thought as a nation of privilege we could destroy them and all they believe. We thought we are the better choice. The early laws of our country affected Asians, by not allowing them to become an American citizen even though they helped us build our railroads. The Irish, that later became the heart of our New York police force. As a country, we just were not nice to anyone that was different from ourselves. Maybe as we reassess and look deep inside, we come out, not with a lost America, but a more open people, human species, humane and accepting of all. We may not be responsible for our ancestors, but we are now answerable for how we act and think today.



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